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The Sound Tree is an interactive sound and light tree. It is meant to create a calm and soothing, yet fun environment for anyone who walks under it and engages with it. The tree is made of nine branches or fins, and lined with lights that cycle through rgb colors at a slow and steady pace to encourage a tranquil setting. When a user enters the glass brick structure and walks around the tree, the sensors located on the top of the tree sense the person and trigger sounds of the ocean and the harbor, and change the color of the lights so that it follows the user. For a few moments one is transported to the seashore by the soothing sounds of waves by the beach, birds singing and flying through the air, and cheerful sound of playful dolphins. With the Sound Tree, we aim to promote a serene environment for everyone to enjoy; whether you are a patient going through recovery, or a family member eagerly waiting for the results of your loved one.

The project was commissioned by the Floating Hospital for Children and Nail Communications. The hardware and physical fabrication was done by Brooklyn Research. The metal components were fabricated by Dash 7 Design and Stella Metals. The project was installed onsite by Stella Metals.

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